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Golden Twenties // 06.11.21

Tick, tock, it’s splendor o’clock.

❈ Welcome, boys and girls and others! Ready to tackle your modesty? The time has come for our fabulous wingding. A little party never killed nobody, so dress yourself up like Gatsby and dance like Fred Astaire. Don’t be a dewdropper. Be a do-hopper. Because autumn’s in full swing, alright.

❈ Forming as the Electro Swing Collective, Hesses greatest electro swing dj Timcat consolidates with Merle, Giuseppina Galloro, and Enea Caccia to enact the most embellished extravaganza when it comes to hosting a party. To the sound of live violin performances you’re gonna move your getaway sticks like there’s no tomorrow. Enjoy our tippy tappy swing dance crash course and be amazed by the show dancing on stage. Be mesmerized by projected vintage videos in black and white, which were forgotten long ago and resurfaced from eerie old archives.

We love you all to death! All VIP tickets are sold out and only 100 regular tickets remain in pre-sale. Since we appreciate your existence, we reserve our right to throw our fondness right at your hearts. Welcome to the great draw of this year’s last extravaganza.

With a bit of luck, 2×2 people may be able to win our most exclusive care package. Next to free entry for you and your beloved one, we also give away Timcat’s new, stylish bag, containing a little surprise. You can enter the giveaway by commenting the post of the Facebook event and tagging your better half. Thursday (04/11/21) at 23:59 is the deadline for entering. Good luck!

Golden Twenties ☆ Kunstverein Familie Montez – 06.11.20
Facebook event

Timcat ( fusions melodies and sounds of the swing-era with todays modern beats. Just the best that Electro Swing has to offer with a mix of saxophone-based EDM for the perfect flair. Only the finest music gets served on the turntables to satisfy your hunger for good music. Doesn’t matter if you dance Lindy Hop, Charleston or Shenanigans. Just indulge yourself.

Merle from the Swing Bohème Orchestra will support us with live violin performances. For years she was a member of the chamber philharmonic orchestra Rhein-Neckar, exceeding in her joy for mastering the instrument. Now she lives up to electronic music, having it tête-à-tête with Gypsy Jazz and Electro Swing.

Giuseppina Galloro is a primeval rock of swing dance. She incarnates bygone vigor and vintage elegance with her retroescic fable since 2014. Her specialization in Lindy Hop, Charleston, Solo Jazz, Tap Dance, Balboa, Shag and Peabody shines bright on stage for a great variety of stunts. From her group Swing Jets she’ll be supported by Stuart Mitchell.

❈ Tobias Rüger from the german jazz band „Die Schwindler“ is supporting us with live saxophone performances. Dedicated to master the most saxy instrument of them all, he was traveling for the Goethe Institut and working as musical director for Frankfurter Kammeroper and Schauspiel Frankfurt. He fusions his sound to the music, reverberating in fabulous elegance and climaxing to the sound of the Roaring Twenties.

📌 Angepinnt // 2G-Regelung ab Oktober

Ab Oktober werden wir unsere Events mit 2G-Regelung stattfinden lassen. 💉

Es ist nun freiwillig, personenbezogenen Daten über die Luca-App anonym zu hinterlassen. Zusätzlich könnt ihr euch gerne auch über den Luca-QR-Code in der Corona-Warn-App einchecken. ✍️📱

⥄ Verschoben // Poetry Slam #74

Liebe Menschen,
wir müssen den kommenden Dichterwettstreit diesen Samstag leider verschieben. Wir dürfen spontan aber netterweise in unsere Heimat der Herzen zurückkehren. Zurück im Kunstverein Familie Montez begrüßen wir euch am 22.09.21 um 20 Uhr. Die Veranstaltung wird noch unter 3G-Regeln für nur 80 Gäste hygienisch distanziert stattfinden. Das bedeutet auch, dass wir momentan nur noch 35 Tickets übrig haben.

Die Tickets behalten ihre Gültigkeit. Wir entschuldigen uns für etwaige Unannehmlichkeiten.

❭ Poetry Slam #74 ☆ Kunstverein Familie Montez, Frankfurt – 22.09.21
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