The Roaring Twenties are back with all their glory and demise. Since we try to #StayTheFuckAtHome, we are saving up all the money of every great event we can’t go to. Here’s the perfect opportunity to ease your wallet for the most thrilling online party there ever will be. A little party never killed nobody, so dress yourself up like Gatsby in his fancy slippers.


☆ We invite you to the world’s first clinically pure electro swing party, which comes into your living room via livestream. Forming as the Electro Swing Collective, DJ Timcat asked his colleagues and friends to participate. During the broadcast you have the chance to donate to a virtual wallet, benefitting all four artists equally. Throughout you can meet certain donation incentives to transform the action on stream. Want to enjoy vintage video projections? Want to hear the violin? Want to see live swing dancing? Want to see how we unnecessarily blast off a confetti cannon into the camera? Want to experience another hour of the best music in the world? Keep it going by contributing. But don’t worry; if your financial situation is rather tight due to the circumstances, you still can simply enjoy the stream and support us by cheering in the chat.

❈ The livestream will go on for at least two hours. Depending on how many incentives will be met you have control over how long it will last. This is the perfect opportunity to gather with your loved ones in front of any device. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy the broadcast in front of the TV in the living room, in the garden on your mobile phone or just listen to us on your road trip. Furthermore you are invited to dance with us and chat with us. Our moderators will be hosts of the chat and tell us on stage what you are cheering about.

❈ If you capture your party moment dressed up with a picture and post it during the event, you’ll be participating in a raffle for the CD „Electro Swing & More“ (including download code) from ZYX Music.


YouTube Livestream
Date: Saturday 20/07/11
Starting: 20:00 (CET)

Donation link

In cooperation with KulturquARTier Frankfurt.

> Golden Twenties

Timcat ( fusions melodies and sounds of the swing-era with todays modern beats. Just the best that Electro Swing has to offer with a mix of saxophone-based EDM for the perfect flair. Only the finest music gets served on the turntables to satisfy your hunger for good music. Doesn’t matter if you dance Lindy Hop, Charleston or Shenanigans. Just indulge yourself.


Merle from the Swing Bohème Orchestra will support us with live violin performances. For years she was a member of the chamber philharmonic orchestra Rhein-Neckar, exceeding in her joy for mastering the instrument. Now she lives up to electronic music, having it tête-à-tête with Gypsy Jazz and Electro Swing.


Salty & Strick are active in the swing scene since 2011. They are living their retroescic faible and will be show dancing with style to the most vivid music of the world. Their enthusiasm will seduce you to not being able to withhold your happy feet.