❈ Electro Swing Collective ❈

Photo: Sebastian Pleyer

The 20’s are back for good.
Feel the gold.

In a time of prohibition, we host the greatest retro-tastic spectacle in town full of alcohol and sensual delights. We open our secret cabinet of curiosities for a glamorous world of gangsters, no-goodniks, movie icons, broadway stars and sex symbols. 

Opening Pandora’s box, sounds burst from a long lost time of black and white traveling in Technicolor. Live-instruments are roaring on stage while wild dancers move ecstatically to the beat. Combining vintage and modern tunes we create an exciting Electro Swing show unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Every party resident dj Timcat (www.timcatmusic.com) presents you a lineup of star guests – dancers, show-acts and musicians. 

Upcoming Gigs

26. August 2021 | 16:00 – 21:00
Das Electro Swing Ding | open air & free entry
Bad Nauheim, Shopping Promenade
feat Timcat & Tobias Rüger

11. September 2021 | 17:00 – 23:00
Golden Twenties | open air
Frankfurt on the Maine, KulturquARTier
feat. Timcat, Balduin, Giuseppina Galloro & Enea Caccia


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